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Welcome to the homepage for the Blanchet's Christmas light display!

While the videos here are fun to watch, nothing beats seeing the lights in person so stop by and check them out! The lights run nightly starting at 5:30 PM. During the week, the display ends at 10:00 PM. On Friday and Saturday night the show runs until 11:00 PM. The display begins running the day after Thanksgiving and ends on New Years Day.

We Moved!

Our new address is 488 Stevens Hill, Wilder, KY but you won't find that in any GPS map. Use 725 Johns Hill Rd, Wilder, KY and you will find the new street. It is a gravel road.

Here is a link to our house on Google Maps so you can get driving directions to check out the show in person.

Find Us - Click Here

Check out the video links to see vidoes of my Christmas lights syncronized to music.