The Blanchet's Halloween Lights Display

Display Information

History of Display

I started my Halloween display in 2006 as a test run for my 2006 Christmas light display. I don't have videos of my 2006 display but if you look at the 2008 videos, it started with the pumpkins/skulls in the yard, bats atop the entrance way, the tombstone and some lights on a bush next to the tombstone. It taught me alot on how I can "cut up" strings of lights so I can control two bats at a time (they originally had 6 on the same cord). I tried making it one bat at a time which resulted in blowing out ALL the lights on the bats. That was a valuable lesson that saved me at Christmas time.

In 2007, I added the pumpkins that light up 1/4 at a time along with the eyes and mouth in yellow. These pumpkins were handmade using corrugated plastic nad regular mini-lights. I saw the idea on the web from another person who had done something similar but was a MUCH larger pumpkin. I scaled it down for these two in my yard.

After seeing the spider and large singing mouth on another person's Halloween display, I created my own versions for my display. The spider is made up using 2x2s for a frame with PVC pipe for the legs. The main body is corrugated plastic. The spider comes apart into 4 pieces for storage. The large mouth has lights mounted to a large piece of plywood. The eyes and supporting structure is made from 2x2s. The mouth comes apart into 3 pieces for storage.

New for 2009 was the dancing skeleton. It is controlled using 16 seperate channels to control each limb independently.

For 2010, I added a couple of songs (Ghostbusters and Halloween Theme).

For 2011, no new songs but moved some things around and changed out my old pumpkin/skulls.

For 2012, I added lights that I use for Christmas on the roof lines.

No other changes at this point. Latest version of the videos from 2012 is what I have today.


Hardware To Syncronize Lights To Music

It may seem difficult to have lights synchronized to music but there is hardware you can buy that reduces the difficulty. There are a few different vendors but I use Light-O-Rama hardware and software to run my display. Check out their website at They have all the information about their hardware on their site and they are a GREAT company to support you with your effort. Also check out their forums where you can find other people who also use their software and can always be counted on to help you out.

Another great site to visit is They have a WEALTH of information of not only synchronizing your light display but also for creating your own personalized items for your display. There is detailed information on creating mini and Mega trees along with wireframe and corrugated plastic items. Be sure to check out their forums as well for not only help with your Light-O-Rama hardware but many other items you will/may use for your light display

The last piece of hardware to discuss is the FM transmitter. You can order a kit to build your own FM transmitter from Ramsey electronics. You may be able to find fully assembled units on ebay or even Ramsey themselves. The transmitter makes your display complete when you have your lights synchronized to music.

Check out the video links to see vidoes of my Halloween lights syncronized to music.